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...studies show up to 98% of all dieters gain back all their lost weight

"Want to Lose Unwanted Inches and Fat For Good?"

According to a meta-analysis published in The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology,
subjects using hypnosis lost over 146% more weight POST-TREATMENT,
than the groups not using hypnosis  

Dear Friend,

In just a moment, I'm going to tell you how I can program your subconscious mind during your tailor made session to lose weight without CALORIE COUNTING and WITHOUT DIETING. You'll be learning how to:

Increase your metabolism and fat burning capacity

 Naturally and easily control your appetite and gain power over unwanted carvings
 Eliminate symptoms like comfort eating or grazing on food throughout the day
 Create a Natural Desire to exercise more, not because you have to but because you want to.
 Achieve your ideal weight and stay there! 


Diets and exercise programs can help you lose a few pounds in the short term, but long term, studies show that 92-98% of all dieters gain back all their lost weight – and often more. If this has been your experience, if you’ve tried and failed to lose weight and keep it off, it’s very likely that you haven’t yet gotten to the root of the problem. Right now, you have one (or more) "subconcious triggers” that are keeping you stuck from achieving your goal

"Possibly the Only Real Way to Lose Weight"

My name is Dominic Knight. You may have seen me on national TV or in magazines and newspapers like The Times®, Men’s Health® and Cosmopolitan®. I also co-authored the US bestselling book “Pushing to The Front” But more importantly, I’ve taught people just like you how to eliminate comfort eating, how to develop an inclination to exercise and generate a subconscious desire to chose the right foods without will power so it becomes your natural inclination and way of life. And I’ve spent the last 10 years developing, refining, and fine tuning my proven formula for effectively changing your subconscious programming and reveal everything to you in my newest program aptly named “14 Second Fitness® ”. My system makes it fast, quick and easy for anyone to learn and apply their mind to achieve their desired shape and size.

"85-90% of Human Behaviour is Subconscious Habit Patterns, so If You program your subconscious mind to lose weight, it may literally become automatic"

So how do you program your mind to change the relationship you have with food? Do you remember how it was as a child to brush your teeth? It took discipline initially and you didn't always remember to do it, then eventually it turned into a habit. Now the thought of going out and not brushing your teeth would never occur. You changed it from a discipline to a habit. To lose weight easily and keep it off for the rest of your life requires that you develop a habit that becomes so enjoyable that you would never break it. In order to develop a habit you have to take the automatic thought patterns and associations with destructive eating and replace them with positive and effective patterns. It's about developing the subconscious habit to eat only when hungry and also being comfortable without overfilling yourself. Most people who diet never make it to the habit-forming part, which is why they keep failing to loose weight and move on to a different diet, and most of these quick fix diets are impossible to follow as a way of life.


Almost every diet neglects the mind and gives you a quick fix or magic potion solution that will not work universally with everyone and if it does, it never seems to last. Your body works as a whole; you can't just fix the body without reprogramming the mind. They are interconnected. The only way to keep off weight permanently is to develop a subconscious habit. Without the proper mindset most people can't "stick to" a diet or exercise regimen for any length of time, some people have every intention of losing weight but just can't follow through.


Maybe you've been there yourself. And if you have, you've probably been blaming it on you thinking that: You're too lazy, you're slow metabolism, you lack willpower, you love all the wrong foods and hate all the good ones, and you hate exercise.

Sound familiar?


Well, I'm here to tell you that nothing could be further from the TRUTH.

…The Secret to Losing Weight & Keeping It Off!

... the "miracle cure and the "quick fix keep the diet industry in business as well as keep fattening you up".

The truth about losing weight and becoming healthier is easier, simpler and more achievable  than anything they could come up with.

What you'll be learning when you work with me :

The key to feeling comfortably full - and never deprived - WITHOUT overeating.

Do you find yourself over eating because you think you are not full yet and still hungry, only to over do it and end up uncomfortably full? This is not due to an out-of-control appetite. There's a very simple thing you can do that will eliminate this problem forever. Once you do this, your brain will STOP signalling to you that you need more food.

How to automatically curb unnatural food cravings in as little as 14 SecondsDo you find yourself with an uncontrollable craving for certain foods and snacks? I will show you a method I have developed that will help you curb the uncomfortable feelings even before they ever kick in!

The amazing impact of your mindset on the way your body processes and metabolises food. The same exact food can be processed in completely different ways by different people ... Have you ever seen those people that can eat 10 Éclairs in a row and never gain weight while others can just stare at a meal on tv and gain pounds! I will share with you the latest findings on this phenomena and some simple methods to program your mind so the physical response to food changes

…How the Power of Hypnosis can help you reach your ideal weight
keeping it off the body fat!

Hypnosis is a proven technique being now endorsed by the British Medical Association and The American Medical Association. What's more, it works. It's very easy to do. Instead of fighting and resisting your diet, you'll feel good about what you're doing and stick with your program without even thinking about it.

As you follow my easy to follow methods after your session they will help form into a subconscious habit.  You will find the fat melting off your body like a hot knife through butter. 
Many people are sceptical when they first hear about this. But I wouldn't waste your time (or mine) with a formula that does't work.

I've read many of the studies on hypnosis for weight loss and the results speak for themselves. In one, researchers split people following a diet into two groups. One used hypnosis, the other didn't. The group who used hypnosis lost an average of 17 pounds. The group that didn't lost an average of only 0.5 pounds. That's not surprising...Being committed to the program you're following makes all the difference—especially over the long term. Well over the years working with people that have batteled with their weight their whole lives, I have figured out a formual that has worked for conuntless men and woman and given the chance could work for you.

Arrive at the "you" you've always imagined

I suppose some people are happy counting fat grams, net carbs, calories, serving sizes and obsessing over labels. I have more important things to get on with in my life and I am sure so do you. In fact in more than 10 years as a therapist, researcher, counsellor, and author, I've never met such a person who enjoys dieting. The people I've met simply want this: to get rid of unwanted fat, look the very best that they can and to be able to enjoy food without depriving themselves or the use of will power…

If that is what you want too, then I want to invite you to achieve your ideal body, through a process that is simple and achievable, it's about programming your mind to automatically have you make better choices and enjoy using your body in a way that burns of excessive pounds, that's it! 

When change occurs on the inside it reflects on the outside. Your friends and family will notice the new you. Your boss and colleagues will wonder, "What's your secret to being in such great shape?".

My pledge to you

I will design a session specifically to help you reach your ideal size and change your relationship with food and exercise this is done after taking an in-depth analysis of your personality. Our initial session together will be 2 hours with two further follow up sessions of an hour each to ensure deep lasting change, If any further top up sessions are needed they will be FREE!  

Plus to help you make changes, I will include my special audios that I have developed using the latest available technology. They help break negative patterns in your mind.

My CD's are based on subliminal messaging. Listening to them will help encode positive messages that bypass your critical mind and reprogram your subconscious mind on a much deeper level. The result is, you will find yourself reaping the benefits of my program.

The information is based on the Lowery patent 5,159,703 and have been used by Olympic Medallist and many of the biggest companies in the world to break negative thought patterns and direct the mind towards positive changes.

Book YOUR session TODAY and I will include these
special bonuses for free:

Free Bonus CD #1: Sleep Better Now:


You’ll fall asleep easily.

You’ll enjoy a calm and relaxed sleep pattern during the night.

You’ll wake in the morning energized, refreshed and ready for the day.

Free Bonus CD #2: Confidence Now:


You’ll feel strong and confident.

You’ll start following your life’s passion and dreams.

You’ll automatically stop those negative “can’t do” voices in your head.

You’ll be more confident at social and business gatherings.

You’ll begin overcoming obstacles comfortably at your pace.

You’ll feel powerful and in control of your life.

Lose weight TODAY. You have nothing to lose by trying my Hypnotic Weight Loss Session. Many have already benefited from the program. I want you to be next.





Dominic Knight GHR, MP NLP, GS NLP

P.S. If you've followed the fad diets without lasting success ... if you feel frustrated and confused by the conflicting nutritional information that you're bombarded with each day ... the session I will design for you will program your subconscious mind to yield deep and lasting change. Fill in the questions below to get started and find out how enjoyable and rewarding your a new you can be!

Testimonial by J. Robbins

Where to begin?

Came to Dominic with feelings of depression, sometimes suicide even, was very unhappy with myself, didn't love myself, was beginning not to see the point in life. Due to prior circumstance, I had no self esteem etc. His questionnaire actually sealed it for me; it made me look inside and see what the facts were about myself. So I booked; he even let me see him on a weekend so I could avoid dealing with the London Congestion charge!

Parking was easy; there is an underground Q-Park literally next to Harley Street, and also another one opposite Cavendish Park. I had 4 hours to kill before seeing him at 10am; really underestimated how quickly one could get from the stretches of England to London, in a car, at 4am. So I had a walk around London, in my slippers (yes, my self esteem was so low I had stopped caring about appearance) and spent time waiting in the local McDonalds, the only place open on Sunday before 11am.

I was waiting at his buildings door when he suddenly, almost like a magician, appeared there before me, dressed in all black, what looked like Gucci, basically looking like one of those male models you see in Fashion week. Which speaks volumes; a guy who looks like a model and therefore likely lives a clean lifestyle is going to show me how to live a clean, healthy, self loving lifestyle. Not like the hypnotherapists who "specialise" in weight loss where I live who are fatter than me...

He leads me into his cosy office, offers me a bottle of water (eurgh, who drinks water? I had Coke...got told off for that!) (I now drink water daily!), and we begin.

It was a surreal experience. 4 hours just drifted past. I didn't actually rate it much because he uses NLP as well as hypnosis, so repeats a lot of things so your mind can process it. I actually left 4 hours later and drove home thinking he had not been able to hypnotise me.

I got home very late; it took me 6 hours to get home, lots of hassle compared to the 2 hours it took me to get there! Straight to bed, thinking it had all been for nothing. Then I woke up.

Everything changed.

I woke up a completely different person. It is like it took sleep for my mind to reset itself, I had a complete loss of the lack of self esteem, I was up early walking my dog, like this is the most natural thing in the world.

Ever seen the movie Limitless? The character takes this special pill that is supposed to make him superhuman in brain power. The first day he doesn't do anything that special; instead he cleans his apartment and makes it all neat and tidy. This is what this hypnotherapy was like. I woke up and I cleaned myself, and I don't mean I had a shower; I cut my nails, trimmed my beard, ate healthy breakfast instead of skipping it; all without thinking about it.

The whole experience has made me wonder what secrets and techniques are behind NLP Hypnotherapy. Which made me research, this is the way I learn. Turns out I can apply it to my business... you can sell stuff via NLP persuasion. If that works on strangers in Canada over the internet, imagine how powerful it is to have a MASTER nlp practitioner see you on a one-to-one basis!!!

Also, three months later I was in London on business and he fitted me in for a free hour just to "top up" my hypnotherapy. How is that for aftercare!

I speak to Dominic on Facebook, in between his busy hours of work and play, and he is always there for me when I have a question, or just for the banter; I think I have made a friend for life. I have lent friends money in the past, much more money than the cost of admission to this amazing psychological reprogramming; and lost friends over it, so in terms of value, words cannot really describe how much value I got from 4 hours of time with Dominic. I have a much better experience with people, especially women, and everything comes naturally to me. I have also lost 50lb of weight since I went to see him (December 2014, it is now June 2015) just by eating healthily and getting exercise in, all of which seems like instinct to me. Instead of sitting on Autotrader fantasizing about cars I have been reading kettlebell sub-reddits on reddit.com, buying kettlebells and swinging them 'till my hearts content. Instead of binging on junk food I have been eating stuff I would never have thought likely; like unsalted cashew nuts, drinking spring water, and eating salads.

I follow a diet that is also natural for me, but is enjoyable. Basically lazy Ketosis; high amounts of protein and good fats and a cheat day every Saturday where I get my naughty carbs. I used to eat a lot of fruits before and now I don't due to the high amount of sugar in them...again this is without thinking about it myself.

I can sincerely recommend this to everyone. Yes, the price of admission is expensive, but then if you think of it in value terms it really isn't. Rarely will you find such a cheap investment in life. Good luck, not that you need luck in Dominics care!

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