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"Thousands finally overcome the
Fear of Flying
that never thought they would"

You feel calm and relaxed as you sit snugly in your passenger seat.

You look out of the window. The sky is blue. A few puffy white clouds are well below you. The sea is a deeper blue,

sparkling with sunlight. The gentle 'whoosh' of the engines feels comforting and soothing, like the sound of waves

lapping on the beach. Maybe the same beach you are travelling to - your first overseas trip by plane in years.

For a moment you think you must be dreaming. But this scenario is real. This is your true life experience.

And it happened so quickly. Not in years. Not in months. Not even in days. You jetted off in hours.

May 5th: Robert sees Dominic at 7pm. He had not flown on an airplane for 11 Years

May 6th: Robert lands In Florida after a 12 hour flight and sends a text message saying:

"I Made It! Thanks Dominic"  


Dear Friend,

My name is Dominic Knight. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than the feedback I receive from grateful clients who believed they could never fly. Only to discover - much to their amazement - they not only boarded their flight without anxiety after a single session with me - they even enjoyed the experience.

I look forward to receiving your text or email in the near future too, like the one I received from Robert.

I hear flight phobics' stories every week. It's painful to listen to.

Unbearable anxiety build up before the flight. Sleepless nights. Days filled with negative thoughts that keep swirling around in your head. Terrified of being miles above the ground. Feeling claustrophobic. Trapped in a metal cylinder. Doom scenarios played out in your mind.

If you do pluck up the courage to get on board it gets even worse. Everyone else seems happy, chatting away, reading, doing crosswords, looking forward to the flight.

Whereas you?

Uncontrollable heart palpitations and sweating. The fear of a panic attack on the plane. Loss of control. Passing out. Anxious feelings that would continue without end until the plane landed - if it landed.

I've seen it all and more. I've heard so many stories.

It's not just these terrifying feelings. They are bad enough. It's about what it means for each of these people. I'm sure it is the same for you.

You can't visit your family or friends who live abroad.

You can't take the kind of exotic holidays you'd love. To enjoy new adventures. And the wasted time using slow forms of transport. Taking

the plane would be so much more convenient.

You may have to miss important events like weddings or funerals.

You can't rise in your business career because flying to meet clients abroad is required.

The effect this has on your family. They suffer too. You know it's not fair on them. And the guilt this puts on you.

It damages people's self-esteem. Held back by an activity others take for granted. It embarrasses them. And nobody really seems to understand what you're going through. They hear your story, but they don't really get it.

I've heard it thousands of times from people from all walks of life, young and old, in the UK and all over the world. Whatever you are going through, you are not on your own. Many people share your problem. I've heard their stories and witnessed their emotions. They feel so bad about it.

Yet I have wonderful news for you. This problem is easily resolved.

You Will Be Able To Fly Very Soon - And You'll Feel So Calm About It

I know you find that hard to believe right now. But I've treated so many people with exactly the same problem that I can assure you this really is easy to solve.

In fact I'm so certain you will soon be able to get on board an aircraft and fly off without a care in the world, that I guarantee it.

My biggest hurdle is to convince you this is true.

You're thinking, how can it be that easy when I've visited other therapists, taken medication, read books, listened to CD programs? They all

promised to cure me and yet they turned out to be a waste of time and money. Nothing worked.

Yes I know. But listen. The problem IS easily resolved. Others are using out of date, ineffective methods. They promise to cure you. Yet, you do not need to be cured because there is nothing wrong with you.

Let me explain.

The fear of flying is not an illness. You are not sick. So there is nothing to cure. The ONLY thing that is happening to you is that your brain is tricking you to react in a way that is not appropriate.

Consciously, you know that flying is the safest form of travel. Tens of thousands of flights take off and land safely every day all over the world.

This is true. You know it's true. And yet your subconscious mind is telling you a different story. It's saying there is something to be scared of.

One part of your mind is saying one thing. Another is telling you something else.

All we have to do is reach into your mind - into your subconscious - and replace the existing story (flying is something to fear) with a new

story, the true story (flying is safe and enjoyable).

  That's all there is to it.

Think of it this way. Let's say you have a safe with thousands of pounds inside it. If you don't have the combination, the only way you can

get at the money is to buy some dynamite, set the fuses, and blow it up. More than likely, not only will the safe be destroyed but all the cash will end up in smoke too.

All that time, effort and expense with no result.

But if you do have the combination, it is simplicity itself. A small child could twist the dial, turn the handle and open it. There's nothing to it.

The good news for you is that I have the combination..

  With the correct combination, it's easy to open the door to the mind and change the story. The existing faulty one is
replaced with the real

one - the story that's true.

The same combination will treat everybody most of the time. Of course for some, the combination needed is more complex. The dial needs to be tweaked and turned a few more times. It may take a little longer but you'll get there in the end.

You see I don't have just the one instrument in my toolbox. I have many. More on this later.

Old methods are time consuming, expensive and don't work. Whereas the new methods are easy and work effortlessly. Remember I guarantee it.


"73 Brits.....Cured"

I demonstrated this at Heathrow Airport in 2012. A large hotel chain asked me to help out people just like you. This is what they wrote in their newsletter

"73 Brits who suffer from a chronic fear of flying have been cured as a result of the world’s biggest hypnosis session to tackle the phobia"

"The ‘Heathrow Hypnosis’ session was conducted by renowned hypnotist and TV presenter Dominic Knight, to mark the opening of the new Premier Inn at Heathrow Terminal 5. The session was designed to help those who suffer from a fear of flying, aiming to put an end to the sleepless nights experienced before boarding a plane. With the Heathrow runway in the background and planes landing and taking off throughout the session, Dominic used a combination of hypnosis elements, including a traditional swirl board and calming music, to place the 73 plus phobics under a trance. Once the group were fully hypnotised, Dominic was able to spend time talking them through a specially formed speech so that when they awoke they knew their next flight would be a pleasant experience."

I’ve taught thousands of people just like you in 67 countries, how to eliminate the phobia of flying no matter what their background, from children to the elderly. And I’ve spent the last 10 years developing, refining, and fine tuning my proven formula for effectively eliminating the fear of flying and reveal everything to you in your session aptly named “Flying Confidence® ”.

My system makes it fast, quick and easy for anyone to learn how to feel comfortable and confident, regardless of the period of time you have suffered with your anxiety.

Disclaimer: Results may vary, and no one can ever guarantee changes as there are so many variables. While every effort has been made to accurately represent our services and its potential please remember that each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication desire and motivation while most people will experience faster change there is still a percentage of people who will need more sessions and time and work. Please research diligently before deciding to move forward with our services.

"You saw me shortly before I was going to Kenya to visit my Grandparents who were not well. Just writing to say I had absolutely no problem flying there or coming back, in fact the only time I thought of it while I was over there was thinking that I’m not bothered with flying anymore. A Real Result!"
S.Shah London


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This Is How Your Mind Created Your Fear


Nobel prizewinner, Professor Gerald Edelman has spent thirty years researching how the brain functions.. He concludes that our ten billion brain cells arrange themselves into groups in order to form maps that respond to our experience.

A flight phobia is a good example of this.

A particular situation or trigger (flying) produces a strong physical response (sweaty palms, fast breathing, panic, etc.). Every time the person is presented with the same situation, the body knows to have the same response. The amazing thing is: People with phobias NEVER forget to have this response.

What this means in simple terms is that our brain is nothing short of the most advanced and sophisticated computer. Like computers which operate through programs such as word processing or spreadsheets and emailing, we have internal programs running in our brain in a similar fashion.

For example, you learn to drive a car. This know-how is stored as a set of programs in your brain. When you drive your car, you have no conscious awareness of the mental processes taking place that allow you to carry out this activity. You just drive.

Even the small things we take for granted such as brushing our teeth, getting dressed, speaking, or walking are also a set of programs running in our subconscious mind.


Luckily for us, we have these programs running in the background because we learned them when we were children. Imagine how chaotic our lives would be if every time we approached a door we had to stop, think, and work out how to open it!

Phobias are created the SAME way, only they stop us from living a full life. Every negative condition that exists can be traced back to a self limiting set of programs. We aren't born with fear, it is a learned behaviour.


What can be learned, can be unlearned.

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What Makes These Combination of Methods So Different And Powerful?

Over the years I have found that different people respond better with some techniques over others. I started to create my own methods. I did this by building on basic principles of different therapies. Then I combined them. The results were staggering.

Here is an example of one of the many techniques I use.

The founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming have discovered how habits are created in our brains. By using simple methods, we are able to replace negative limiting habits with more productive and beneficial ones.

Now, if you suffer from flying anxiety, a fear of turbulence or panic attacks, to solve it you will need to replace the old story with a new one (old set of programs for a new more beneficial set of programs).

I know how to turn off the negative faulty program in your mind and replace it with a positive, correctly working one.


I also know the key words that unlock the body's response to creating phobias and negative thought patterns.


I implement these ground-breaking techniques with my clients. The results have been astonishing.


My most recent discovery is the most powerful of all.


I discovered that when you focus deeply on any behaviour you want to develop for just 14 seconds - intensifying it with emotion and utilising all your senses - that thought is taken directly to where you store your belief systems in your subconscious. The thought continues to resonate for hours even when carrying out your day to day activities or while you are asleep.


By repeating this four dimensional 'thought tool' at intervals, it becomes a belief that is accepted by your unconscious. It becomes part of the unconscious wiring of your brain.

Your new behaviour is now established. It is part of you. You can climb aboard that aircraft and jet off wherever you please without a care in the world. You feel confident and safe.

Disclaimer: Results may vary, and no one can ever guarantee changes as there are so many variables. While every effort has been made to accurately represent our services and its potential please remember that each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication desire and motivation while most people will experience faster change there is still a percentage of people who will need more sessions and time and work. Please research diligently before deciding to move forward with our services.

"Hi Dominic, Don't know if you remember but during my meeting with you I said I would love to visit Australia and see my sister but wouldn't even attempt it. Well I have just come back from 2 weeks with my sister and I went on my own, you wouldn't believe how proud I feel of myself. I had a wonderful time. I didn't tell her I was going and my Mum & Dad were there at the time and I just knocked on the door and surprised them all for my dads birthday, So Thank You so much as I could not have done it without you."

Mandy Williams


“Last year after I went on my honeymoon to the Caribbean. We took a flight there, which I forced myself to do, and unfortunately I took a boat back as I was petrified to fly…A year later we decided to go back to the Caribbean. I booked an urgent appointment to see Dominic after been given his number from Paul McKenna Training. Within the session I felt a difference. I have been on 3 holidays since - that’s 6 Flights and feel so comfortable flying, I can finally go anywhere.”

 L.C. (Milton Keynes) Bank Manger





Many thanks for helping me defeat my phobia of flying and of driving on motorways. Before the session I was sceptical that one

session could help something that has got worse over the years, but I now feel more in control of this fear. I am even looking

forward to the holidays, I have got booked this year, rather than stressing out and focusing on being scared.
J.F. Schroders - London

Thousands Now Fly Who Never Thought They Could


My Overcome The Fear of Flying Session - Flying Confidence® - is based on proven methods and techniques that I use daily in my private practice. It is based on real world experience. The methods I use work. They are proven to work. Thousands of people now fly who never thought they could because of the unique combination of skills I have developed over the years.


I promise you total satisfaction. I guarantee you will be able to get on that flight and have an enjoyable experience. Most probably it will take just the one session - that's the experience of the vast majority.


If it takes longer we will continue to work together for as many sessions as needed for up to 3 months until you can fly in comfort - you will not be charged any additional fees during this period, no matter how often you see me. That is my guarantee to you.


I do hope that reassures you. I really want this for you. I want you to get past this phobia and get flying.


And when you do you can enjoy those holidays you've always dreamed about. Whether it's a trip to a mountain retreat, an exotic

Mediterranean resort, a safari in South Africa, a skiing vacation in the Alps. Whether it's to visit family and friends as far away as Australia or to a wedding in the Bahamas.


Wherever it is in the world, you and your delighted family will be able to travel together. What a difference to all your lives that will make.

Travel where you like. Go where you please. It opens up a world of possibilities for you.


I do hope you will take this opportunity.





Dominic Knight GHR, MP NLP, GS NLP

P.S. If you've tried to overcome your fear of flying without lasting success ... if you feel frustrated and confused... the session I design for you will reprogram your subconscious mind to yield deep and lasting change. Fill in the questions below to get started and find out how enjoyable and rewarding your new life of air travel will be! Or give me a call now on 0208 466 7085. 

"From the moment I met Dominic Knight I was totally impressed. His warmth and dynamic communication style are truly captivating and precise. His mastery of diverse and highly effective procedures, along with his deeply intuitive gifts makes him, in my opinion one of the most effective hypnotherapists in the world. A truly enlightening man, I highly recommend his services"

Dr. Benny Morris Author of “The Valeo Method™
Five Steps to Finding the Dream of the Soul

"As an NLP trainer, a Hypnotherapist and a Life Coach, I always recommend people who aim for success to seek advice from people who are exceptional at what they do, and Dominic sets an example in his field. His passion to serve others and transform people’s lives is an inspiration. And his motivation is contagious. Meeting many experienced hypnotherapists around the world, I would say that Dominic is on the top of my list".
Joseph Al Awadi


"Dominic's abilities as a Hypnotherapist are unquestionable. I think it is also important to know that his motivation and personality reflect integrity and drive to succeed on behalf of his clients and friends. It was an honour meeting you".
Troy Boileau

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