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"I truly don't know were to begin. To say you have changed my life would be an understatement, although it is early days I feel like a different person, the fact that i am no longer emotionally and mentally consumed by a fear of food is incredible" M. Z. London (After One Session)

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Remove Your Subconscious
Blockages That Make You Obsess
About Food With This New Method

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Dear Friend,

Do you feel alone and helpless not knowing where or who to turn to?

The truth is, there is someone who can help you. I have seen and helped people, all over the world, even when others have been unable. People just like you, who have tried every option available and have given up all hope of curing bulimia. My name is Dominic Knight. You may have seen me on national TV or in magazines and newspapers like The Times®, Men’s Health® and Cosmopolitan®. I also co-authored the US bestselling book “Pushing to The Front” But more importantly, I’ve worked personally one on one with countless people just like you. I’ve spent the last 10 years developing, refining, and fine tuning my proven formula for effectively eliminating bulimia and reveal everything to you in the session you will book with me. My system makes it fast, quick and easy for anyone to learn how to feel comfortable and confident around food and guilt free, regardless of the period of time you have suffered with your eating disorder.


NOW is the time YOU CAN gain control of your life and your health without drugs or months and years of therapy... achieve your life ambitions without an eating disorder holding you back...
and overcome these physical symptoms:


  • Obsessing over food
  • Fear of putting on weight
  • Uncontrollable addictive urges
  • Comfort eating
  • Wasting money on food
  • Avoiding going out just so you can stay home and binge
  • Wasting time
  • Anxiety
  • Low self esteem
  • Stress
  • Depression

Let me clarify right here this is not the same old treatment methods

You get from clinics or therapists, or other doctors; this is totally different and based on a unique combination of NLP/Hypnosis and TFT, which you are about to learn about on this page.

So if you are looking for the conventional approach: then you will not find it here.

Did You Know That Conventional Medicine Fails Against Eating Disorders 90% Of The Time?

You see, the mainstream medical community tries to treat eating disorders by targeting the logical or conscious part of your mind.

They try to reason with your logical mind and show you that those little voices in your head that tell you you’re fat and worthless are wrong.

But I have discovered that the compulsion to over-eat or under-eat is driven by the strongest and biggest part of your brain the part that controls all your behavior without you even knowing it. That is…

… the subconscious mind!


In fact, did you know the subconsciousmind takes up about 85%-90% of our brain capacity compared to 10-15% for the conscious or logical part?

What this means is that no matter how much you as a sufferer want to stop your eating disorder…


Unless you re-program your subconscious mind you will usually lose your battle with Bulimia



The truth about Bulimia

The process of starving yourself or binging and purging happen without your full conscious awareness. You do it although you know you shouldn't but you have an uncomfortable feeling of anxiety and an uncontrollable compulsion, so you continue the irrational behavior.When you start your abnormal eating behavior you engulf 100% of the feelings this behavior gives you, so much so that you lose conscious control of everything else around you. Another way to look at it is that when you starve yourself you get 100% obsessed with it to the point of putting your life in danger.You then fall into what is called a bulimic trance again and again. This trance is caused by the releasing of pleasure hormones by your limbic system - part of your subconscious mind - because it is wired this way to give pleasure to stimulus and it is addictive.

A light at the end of the tunnel

But the good news is that I’ve discovered the reason why every thing else you’ve tried doesn’t work… and what DOES WORK. That’s why you are reading this. These techniques where first discovered by two incredible minds, Dr. John Grinder and Richard Bandler. Grinder and Bandler were both at the University of California in Santa Cruz in the early 1970’s. Working together, the pair developed NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) - an incredibly powerful change technology. Anyway, there’s a very good reason I’m telling you all this. You see, I’ve been successfully using the same methods of NLP and Hypnosis that where taught to me by Dr. Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna to help my clients in my Harley Street Clinic, I then further modified these methods to specificlly target overcoming eating disorders.

Lifelong battle with Bulimia ends & makes the national press!

Since the age of nine I was plagued by all the eating disorders under the sun accompanied by severe depression.

I went to GPs, counselors, group therapy, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, you name it I had tried it. At 16 I was in The Priory, this sorted me out for a few months but the depression was still manic and I felt unstable so the eating disorder crept back into my life once again.

Feeling desperate I went to a hypnotherapist on Harley street and after five sessions I still wasn't any better and loosing hope I was ready to give up, until I stumbled upon Dominic’s website, I felt anxious about going after all the money I had spent on the other one but I genuinely wanted change and I felt secure that this time a difference really would be made, and after one session I felt amazing, slowly but surly I am now free of all of my eating troubles and depression is a thing of the past.

I wake up in the morning loving life, I would swear by Dominic’s program.

M. Laycy London Model

How I will Reprogram Your Mind

Nobel Prizewinner, Professor Gerald Edelman has spent thirty years researching how the brain functions. He concludes that the ten billion or more brain and nerve cells we have arrange themselves into groups in order to form "maps" that respond to our experience. 

Bulimia is a good example of how the brain works. A particular situation or trigger (boredom, anxiety or hunger) produces a particularly strong physical response (an instant compulsion). Every time the person is presented with the same stimulus, their body knows to have the same response. The amazing thing is: People with Bulimia NEVER forget to have this response.

What this means in simple terms is that our brain is nothing short of the most advanced and sophisticated computer in the world. Like computers, which operate through programs such as word processing or spreadsheets and emailing, we have internal programs running in our brain in a similar fashion.

In our case, once we learn something like driving a car for instance it is stored as a set of programs in our brain and the next time we need to go through a similar process it fires off. For instance when you are driving a car now you are not so conscious about the whole processes of driving, as you were when you first started learning it has become second nature to you now. Even the small things we take for granted such as brushing our teeth, getting dressed, speaking, walking and just about every activity we don't have to think about consciously, are a set of programs running in our subconscious mind.

Luckily for us, we have these programs running in the background. Imagine the chaos our lives would be in if every time we approached a door we had to stop, think and work out how to open the door. Can you see how everyone's lives would be utterly chaotic if for a small task like opening a door we had to think about the process every time?

Just imagine the confusion we would experience in the other areas of our life, if we didn't have these programs running in the background!
But, here's the problem just as we have programs running that benefit us in some way like driving a car for instance, we have programs running in the background that are not so good for us, like those that cause anxiety, compulsions, obsessing about food and weight, just about every limiting condition that exists can be traced back to a self limiting set of programs.


What Makes These Methods So Different And Powerful?

What NLP has done is firstly to discover, of how programmes are installed into our brains and secondly how using simple methods we are able to replace the bad limiting programmes with more productive and beneficial programmes.

Now what the experts have discovered is that if you are compulsive and obsessive around food or the size and shape of your body, in order to solve it, you will need to be replacing the old set of programmes for a new more beneficial set of programmes.

This is what I have been successfully doing for the last few years in my Harley Street Clinic with my own clients, from curing cases of bulimia, panic attacks & addictions to some chronic cases of anxiety, all of which I’ve helped using the same methods and techniques.


What will your life be like when You

Become YOU again? Turning back the clock

to before you had Bulimia, How

Free will you feel to do what

you want to do in your life?

Most people I work with suffer from some of the bulimic symptoms below; I want you to know that with a little work they can be overcome:

  • Vicious Cycle of Binging and Purging
  • Obsessing over Food
  • Binging
  • Purging
  • Obsessing over weight
  • Depression
  • Feeling Desperate
  • Body Dysmorphia

 Here’s what you will learn and experience inside your bulimia free tailor made session:


Everything you need to help you overcome bulimia. Nothing is left out… Plus, in your session you’ll discover:

The incredible power of NLP why it works and how you’ll be totally free of bulimia

How you can be free again to enjoy life,

How you can control stress and remain calm.

How you can overcome your negative thoughts about your weight.

How you can overcome sadness and re-discover joy and happiness. 

How you can take control and feel confident in social situations.


Prove It To Yourself!

My Bulimia Free Session is based on proven methods and techniques that I use daily in my private practice.

Many people write to me about the tremendous change in their lives after completing the session, and I look forward to hearing from you. Please read what some of my clients have to say:

Disclaimer: Results may vary, and no one can ever guarantee changes as there are so many variables. While every effort has been made to accurately represent our services and its potential please remember that each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication desire and motivation while most people will experience faster change there is still a percentage of people who will need more sessions and time and work. Please research diligently before deciding to move forward with our services.

A Decade of Bulimia
Dear Dominic,

I truly don't know were to begin. To say you have changed my life would be an understatement, although it is early days I feel like a different person, the fact that i am no longer emotionally and mentally consumed by a fear of food is incredible. It has only been a few days and it has not been easy yet, but for the first time in a long time I see a light at the end of the tunnel, I actually truly believe that I will overcome this and I feel in control of myself as opposed to being controlled. I am taking each day as it comes and I cannot thank you enough.


M.Z. London

Hypnosis session helps overcome Bulimia
Dear Dominic, Just a quick thanks, I have finally been able to eat normally. Before I was obsessing day and night about food, then feeling guilty after binging and vomiting. Then if anyone upset me my first release was food. It has not been that easy but I feel now with your help I have finally got there I will never go back to that life style again Thanks

J.L. (Cheshire)


Are these people any different than you? No, they are not. They just had problems with the wrong set of programs running inside their brain. The only thing they did differently was put their doubts aside… and give my bulimia free session a chance. I know you will see for yourself what its like to live a life free from any eating disorder.

"NLP may be the most powerful vehicle
for change in existence"


-Modern Psychology


You Don’t Have To Suffer With Bulimia. There is hope.

When change occurs on the inside it reflects on the outside. Your friends and family will notice the new you. Your boss and colleagues will wonder what your new secret is. Instead of feeling anxious, depressed and panicky around food, you’ll feel energized, renewed and full of confidence.

To Help you overcome Bulimia I will include my special CD’s that I have developed using the latest available technology. They help break negative patterns in your mind.

These CD's include subliminal messaging. Listening to them will help encode positive messages that bypass your critical mind and reprogram your subconscious mind on a much deeper level. 

These techniques are based on the Lowery patent 5,159,703 and have been used by Olympic Medallists and many of the biggest companies in the world to break negative thought patterns and direct the mind towards positive change.

Book you session today and I will include these special bonuses for free

Free Bonus CD #1: Sleep Better Now:

This CD focuses on helping you achieve a more relaxed sleep, meaning you can wake up each morning feeling more refreshed, energised and ready for the day ahead.

Free Bonus CD #2: Confidence Now:

This CD focuses on helping you build confidence so you can overcome the "can't do" thoughts. This will help you take control of your life allowing you to pursue your dreams, all at your own pace.


Overcome your Bulimia. Fill in the answers Now to the questions below and I will personally read and respond to you. You have nothing to lose by trying my Bulimia FREE Session. Many have already benefited from my program. I want you to be next.



Dominic Knight GHR, MP NLP, GS NLP.

P.S. Please call right now, while you’re still reading this. There’s no risk, no reason at all not to try a Session for yourself. So don’t let this chance to help better your life slip by


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