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Every time I receive an email or message from someone saying how much the session has changed their life I literally get goosebumps! I started working with clients to help people reclaim their lives and improve the quality of their years, so nothing makes me happier than hearing how my clients have overcome things which at one time in their lives they thought was impossible.

I am blessed to have received hundreds of amazing emails and success stories and would like to share them with you.

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to accurately represent our services and its potential please remember that each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication desire and motivation while most people will experience faster change there is still a percentage of people who will need more sessions and time and work.

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20 Years of Fear gone in a day!!!!

Paul McMonagle

Dominic changed my life and has truly inspired me to become the person I know I can be. After nearly 20 years of NHS Treatments for my OCD(Fears)which only made me worse and reinforced my OCD(Fears)I was so ill,I mean truly ill it felt like my mind was completely polluted by all manner of disturbing thoughs and and being made worse every day by these treatments,so I stopped them,but I still thought constantly about my OCD(Fears)several thoughts I would say every second of the day. I then searched the web and found Dominic's Website,I was determined to meet him and am so glad I did,he has changed my life around with the treatment he gave me,am still not sure what he done,but the next day I was completely different in how I thought and how I think about all manner of subjects in my life now,I now have the power of my mind back and would say am in complete control of it and where it is taking me,am researching into writing a book about my personal story of OCD(Fears)and how I am overcoming it and would gladly love for Dominic to contribute a few chapters as well,I have my passion,determination,character,vigour and dignity back all thanks to Dominic Knight,he has truly changed my life around and given me the freedom to do what I want with my life,I am constantly using his theories and others he recommended to me and believe me they truly work in so many aspects of my personal life. Thanks to Dominic I now know and believe(I can truly achieve anything and that is a big statement to make,but it's truly how I feel)within my life,his continuing influence in my life is invaluable,priceless and am so glad to be able to say and call him my friend,because that is what he now is a true friend. Dominic Knight is without a doubt the single biggest influence in helping me overcome my OCD(Fears)after a truly awful 20 years,the words I have wrote here today are of true gratitude to him and his treatment for me but in all honesty no words can ever describe what he has done for me and given back to me,he is a true leader in his field and an inspiration to follow. Deepest Thanks Dominic from myself my family and friends..................

Paul McMonagle


Legend of Harley Street!

The best way for me to describe Dominic is that he is someone who knows what he is doing and does it very well, delivering only the very best to his clients... having been through his hypnosis sessions I have found that Dominic has this unique uncanny ability to "Literally Hypnotize" his clients with his rich, warm, calming voice and use it in a way that dissolves ANY phobia, issue or mental block that anyone could have; I personally found it most therapeutic !! His humble nature, him genuinely caring and listening sincerely to all his clients and delivering results; it's no surprise why he is the most well respected and top leading NLP Clinical Hypnotherapist in the UK. I highly recommend Dominic's services to anyone out there who would like a "Profound" change that will help anyone achieve positive breakthroughs in the long run. Many Thanks !

Viktor Yeliseyev


Years of Anxiety Resolved

Dominic is one of the most kind hearted people I have ever met. Dominic came to me and made me feel that I no longer had to think the way I did and understood me. I don't know how he does it but so glad he does, to find time to help so many people that feel stuck and to overcome it. He is truly inspirational to meet, so glad I met him. There should be more Dominic's in this world! Forever thankful for he's help and kindness to me :)

J Callaghan


Phobia Free New York Flights!

Hi Dominic i said i would contact you when I returned from visiting my son in NYC. Have been back a week. Took four flights in all, London - FFK and back and trip we made together to New Orleans. Thanks to you I am 2/3 of the way to travel comfort! No problems with take-off, landing and flight. Still not so happy with the bumps. Thanks so much because I really have to visit my son at least once a year and have always dreaded the journey, but no more. Hope all well with you and your work, Best regards

David Wilson


Freedom from Agoraphobia in only one session

Hi Dominic Many thanks for coming to see me yesterday. I just wanted to tell you that I managed to go to Lakeside last night peak time, hundreds of Christmas shoppers and actually stayed an hour. I went into one shop and just browsed around with my daughter and then decided to venture into other shops and even waited fifteen minutes to be served in one. Something I havenât done for so long. It was actually my daughter that started to feel anxious! I came home feeling so elated that I rang all my friends who couldnât believe that I had done it. I am so grateful for your help. I know this is early days but I feel so positive and relieved that I can now overcome something that has taken over my life for so long. Regards J. Callaghan

J Callaghan


OCD treated successfully in 2 sessions

Hi Dominic, WOW, WOW, WOW, Amazing,fantastic,enchanting now I know you are a master at what you do fascinating and greatfull to yourself with all my heart thank you and bless you and your family. thank you R.H.



Flight to Italy :)

Hi Dominic, Just a quick email to say thank you. The flights to and from Italy went really well. A little anxious before the flight out - but nothing I couldn't handle, and no nerves at all on the way back. One of the friends on the trip actually trains and examines pilots and offered to take me up with him and let me have a go at the controls myself sometime - I'm almost tempted!!! Thank you so much for all your help.



Fear of Public Speaking Vanishes!

Before I went to Dominic, I had a crippling fear of speaking in front of an audience. I would be ridiculously nervous for weeks and often months before a speaking occasion and I would suffer with terrible shakes, stammers and general clamming up when trying to deliver a report in meetings. I decided that being in this condition was definitely taking over my entire life, affecting my confidence and holding me back from doing the things that really mattered to me. Enough was enough, so I went to see Dominic and after just a few minutes, he had broken down my fear and set out a positive path for me to follow in order to "eliminate" my phobia. It really did work and I undertook a meeting involving speaking to an audience within a week after seeing him and I truly couldn't believe how confident and positive I felt. Dominic has transformed my life with his friendly, dynamic and positive approach and I really cannot thank him enough.



Do you really create lasting change?

(13 months after only one 2 hour session) Hello Dominic, Just an update on how I am doing, everything is going well, my life has changed tremendously since seeing you. My husband and I have moved to a lovely new home due to the work we have put into our business it has paid off for us greatly. My confidence is back, something I felt I had previously lost, it's amazing how the change isn't only an instantanious occurance it also happens over the months and the way I feel gradually is fantastic. My sister and best friend strangely enough are going through a bad time similar to that of myself, and I can help them through this without over worrying and staying focused. I feel the need to let you know now and again how I am doing as without your help I don't know where I would be so I owe you alot of gratitude. I see your having a great time and things are going well for you through your statuses, so well done you deserve it all after what you do for others. I am off to Scandanavia and the baltics on a cruise for my 30th in July so lots to look forward to! Emma

E Roberts


Fear of Flying Vanishes With Flight to Australia!

Hi Dominic, Don't know if you remember but during my meeting with you I said I would love to visit Austrailia and see my sister but wouldn't even attempt it, Well I have just come back from 2 weeks with my sister and I went on my own, you wouldn't believe how proud I feel of myself I had a wonderful time I didn't tell her I was going and my Mum & Dad were there at the time and I just knocked the door and surprised them all for my dads birthday, So Thank You so much as I could not have done it without you

Mandy Williams


A Doctor's Encouragement!

Dr Benny Morris

From the moment I met Dominic Knight I was totally impressed. His warmth and dynamic communication style are truly captivating and precise. His mastery of diverse and highly effective procedures, along with his deeply intuitive gifts makes him, in my opinion one of the most effective hypnotherapists in the world. A truly enlightening man, I highly recommend his services. Dr. Benny Morris Author of âThe Valeo Method⢠Five Steps to Finding the Dream of the Soul

Dr Benny Morris


From skeptical to advocate!

When you first meet a Hypnotherapist, you might be skeptical I know I was...But Dominic was able to break things down so quickly and easily; it was incredible how all the challenges in my life began to make sense and even better yet, fixable. Thanks Dominic you are nothing short of amazing!

Robert Day


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