The Life You Desire is Just 14 Seconds Away
Fulfil it Today with this Proven Method

What does your life look like without that problem that's been holding you back? Better yet, what does it feel like?

I’m here to help guide you to make this your reality. And show you how to free yourself from any negative thoughts and behaviours that are currently holding you back.

In just 4 hours with me, you’ll learn and master a simple method that took me 10 years to do so.

That is, the Life Breakthrough Method.

In one session, together we will aim to make dramatic positive changes in your life, and steer yourself to fulfil the one you desire.

It’s a matter of knowing and applying the skills to control your subconscious mind. My 14 second method acts as a tool to do so. I will break it down for you in just a moment.

First, I want you to answer this…

How much does a full, happy life mean to you? And how much it is worth knowing the skills to put an end to your negative blocks and gain control over your mind and your life?


I know of people who have spent tens of thousands of pounds in therapy as an attempt to fulfil the life they desire, but not you!

For only a fraction of what others have paid, and at no risk to you, you will:

• Master the method that took me 10 years to do so (in 4 hours!)
• Gain full control over your subconscious mind
• Put an end to the negative thoughts and behaviours holding you back
• Achieve new levels of happiness, confidence and well-being
• Fulfil and maintain the life you desire

All for only £690. This small investment in yourself today will pay for itself weeks, months, years down the road as you continue to live more fulfilled.

How You Can Begin to Make Dramatic Positive change With the Life Breakthrough Method

It’s within your subconscious mind that runs the way you think and act. Meaning that if you can’t control this part of your mind, controlling your thoughts and behaviours

will be difficult. It’s because of this that you feel trapped by your negative issue. I’m about to show you that you’re not. You already have it in you to overcome this issue,

and control your subconscious mind so you can give yourself the opprtunity to live the life you desire.

My powerful method will help give you direct access to this part of your mind. The place where your beliefs are stored. And with just 14 seconds of concentrated emotion,

you can begin to alter your current belief system in a way that will help transform your life for the better.

Look at it like this…

Just as you learned to walk and talk, you learned these negative thoughts and behaviours. Like walking and talking, they’ve become automatic for you.

But using my 14 second method, you can replace these negative thoughts and behaviours, just as easily as you developed them.

14 seconds is the tool you’ll use to

• Reverse negative patterns of thinking and acting
• Develop a positive mindset
• Create new, automatic responses
• Train your brain and re-program your subconscious mind

And from here, you are free to create the life you desire.


Absolutely No Risk for You

As you can see, my method has been proven time and time again. And I’d love to tell you that I guarantee these results for you. But the truth is, no doctor in the world can 100% guarantee results, They can differ from person to person.

What I can guarantee you is peace of mind.

Because to ensure there is no risk for you, I’m going to promise you an unheard of offer.

If you don’t achieve the results you desire after 4 hours with me, I will continue to work with you FREE for up to 3 months.

You have my word that I will go the extra mile to ensure you achieve the results you desire. My professional life is devoted to it. I want to see you succeed.

So in the unlikely event that you don’t achieve this result, we will continue to work together at your convenience. In person, on Skype, or over the phone.

All the risk is on my shoulders.

I will do what it takes to give you results like these…

8 year old child over comes 3 years of Tourette's syndrome within 1 hour
My ticks my nodding tick and my grunting noise is completely gone. I have fully sorted out my happy place and go there every morning and night. My parents feel I am doing so well that I couldn’t do any better. My life has changed and I don't feel like an outcast and surely when I go back to school people will see that change in me as well. Every night and morning I use the instructions and they work! Thank you for changing my life.

Can OCD really be cured? You decide
Thank you for your help and assistance in combating my aggressive persistent nasty OCD. It has been almost 3 years of absolute hell and utter torture. Every day was an absolute struggle and the feelings that I had I would not wish on any individual. However I can truly now say that the OCD is now virtually gone and believe within a very short period of time will be gone forever. I have made so much progress and feel like a normal human being again. I now have so much time on my hands now and feel so alive and am happy again. I am very much looking forward to the future. I feel fantastic. I mean this from the bottom of my heart my sincere thanks go out to you.

Alcohol Addiction Overcome
Thank you for all your help with my brother. He is now slowly building his life back. I did not think he would live much longer if he kept at the rate he was going. He is a changed person and has kept well away from alcohol since the session with you.

What Can You Expect In Your Session with Me

When you call me today, we will go through a brief assessment that will help me understand what you are dealing with.

Following our phone call, I will send you an email with 24 questions to
Get a deeper understanding of your issue
See what you’re doing to maintain it (both consciously and unconsciously)
Prepare your session to help you in the shortest time possible

You’ll also have the option to fill in a bonus “wish list.” Doing this will allow me to work on any areas of your life you’d like advice on. I will help get you to a place where you can truly enjoy the life you desire.

Now onto the session itself.

With the artful use of language, cutting edge psychological techniques and the unique combination of NLP and Hypnotherapy, you’ll gain the logical and conscious

understanding to make positive change. Then, while in deep levels of relaxation, your subconscious mind will be directly instructed to create lasting change.

Your session is designed to create this change in 4 hours with me. And you can start noticing a difference in as little as 14 seconds.

What can sometimes take months of therapy on average, my method may help resolve your problem in a single session. Saving you time, money.

That’s how you session literally pays for itself!

Share Your Experience with Someone You Love

Before you pick up the phone, I have one more thing for you. Something extra to add more value to this already incredibly valuable offer.

Allow me to introduce your bonus package…

Bonus #1 – Tailor Made Hypnosis Audio

This professionally recorded audio will be specially made for you, for any area you’d like to improve in your life. By listening to it every day, you can expect dramatic, lasting change in a short period of time. Valued at £97, you won’t pay nearly that much!

Bonus #2 – Exclusive Personal Coaching Session

Benefit from this one on one session with me. On top of your 4 hour session with me, your personal coaching session will put you on the fast track to elevated happiness, confidence, and to unleash your full potential. Valued at £497, this bonus alone pays for itself!

Bonus #3 – FREE Session for a Family Member or Friend

This unheard of bonus tops it all. Now you can share the amazing results of our 4 hour session together with someone you love. You can give them the gift of freedom and take responsibility for their new, positive life. This incredible bonus is valued at £697 and is yours to give absolutely FREE!

With a totalling value of £1291, you will only pay £186 on top of your 4 hour session with me!

A total value of £1981, is yours for less than half the price. Only £960!

So when you’re ready to take control and transform your life, claim your 3 amazing bonuses, and to

Discover the power of NLP and Hypnosis with a master practitioner
Put an end to any negative thoughts and behaviours for good
Experience noticeable change and higher quality of life in as little as 14 seconds

Call me today at 0208 466-7085 for a FREE assessment. I look forward to our session together!



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