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I have tried so many approaches before, does your treatment work?

 Many people I work with get caught up with thinking that some magic technique will get them better like CBT, Psychotherapy, Counselling, NLP, Hypnotherapy and the lists goes on. The important thing to understand is that just like there are tens of thousands of doctors in the world, there are only a few, specialists it is more down to the person treating you and their understanding and experience which will help you overcome panic attacks, addictions or phobias.  Further to this it comes down to you having the tenacity to follow through and apply what is prescribed to you.

How can I choose a therapist that can help?

When choosing a therapist first and foremost it is important that they understand you and your problem as well as having extensive experience in SUCCESSFULLY treating the problem. It would not be wise to seek weight loss advice from someone clinically obese or financial advice from someone on welfare. I have had clients in the past that have sought advice and treatment from fellow agoraphobics who where currently unable to go out of their hometowns, yes this sounds ludicrous but is not uncommon.  Source a professional with a proven track record who is recognized by national governing bodies.

I have had the problem for years how can it go so quickly?

Many people get caught up with this one, thinking changing behaviour will be hard and because they have had the problem for years for some reason it will take months if not years to change. This theory of change taking years is based on out dated ideas. People once thought the world was flat and yes it sounded plausible and it looks flat, but in reality it isn’t. If a problem is taking too long it simply means the methods being used are not working. Think of it this way, if you wanted to develop an unhealthy habit of smoking it doesn’t take moths and years for your brain to learn the pattern in fact habit patterns are formed inside of 21 days. The example I always like to give is of someone walking down a dark ally and getting mugged. If you take them down the same dark ally even a week later they will instantly feel uneasy. It did not take weeks of conditioning to create the response of fear and in just the same way it doesn’t take years of conditioning to overcome your fear. 

Is it dangerous?

This question always makes me smile. The answer is that positive thoughts and emotions have never harmed any one and never will. When I work with a client and have them revisit wonderful emotions and experiences then have them associate good feelings with the ones that cause the problem this collapses the fear response, there is no danger in that.  Some traditional therapies have a person keep reliving and talking about their trauma, week in week out, this in most cases can make it worse. If you cut your finger it would be a poor decision to cut the same place over and over again. In much the same way people tend to repeat their negative experiences in their mind and then wonder why they are not getting better. It is much more effective to learn the lessons from the past then close the door tightly on it so you can build the future you have always desired.


What and how can I expect to feel after my session?

After the session emotions may very from feelings of elation to feelings that nothing happened only later to notice the changes in your behaviour. For example I once worked with an agoraphobic, my client was convinced that nothing had transpired there was no progress he felt no difference. Only to go home and out that weekend on his own for the first time in 30 years, he called me in amazement!


But I have been told I have to learn to live with my problem and I will never get better, how can you be so sure that you can help me?

Some medical professionals are sometimes unable to help, and as unethical as it sounds, they may tell you that you can’t get better only because they are unaware of how to help you. There is always a solution.

Furthermore if you are thinking that you can’t get better this will never help you overcome the fear. This response is always from a place of fear because you don’t want to fail. 

I am on medication at the moment will it interfere with my treatment?

Medication is an interesting one; there is a time and a place for it. Though we are an over medicated society sometimes the drugs prescribed are addictive and a person does not want to be on medication their whole lives. Even so if they are when they come for treatment, the treatment is effective even though they maybe on medication.


Will it be difficult to follow some of the techniques you give me after my session?

The techniques I will prescribe you are very easy to follow and almost instantly effective. What I select for you is based on what comes easy to you as an individual.


What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)?

NLP was originated by John Grinder and Dr. Richard Bandler.  Simply put if applied properly is the most powerful personal change technology in the world today. It has also been made famous by the remarkable Paul McKenna. The methods have helped countless individuals overcome all sorts of debilitating problems, from Anorexia & Addictions to Phobias and Depression.


Do you do home visits or travel abroad to work with clients?

Yes. However I only come out to see individuals that can demonstrate to me 110% commitment to apply themselves fully to the methods I take them through and prescribe.


Why doesnt everybody do this if it works so quickly?

Though the techniques are made readily available the methods are not practised mainstream yet however an on growing number of councillors and psychotherapists are learning these powerful methods to help clients that they have struggled to help for years. 


Why do you have a lifetime guarantee?

I offer a lifetime guarantee because when a person overcomes their phobia or addiction and generates new behaviours. It becomes unlikely for the old destructive behaviours to ever return. This also demonstrates to my client my commitment to get them better. If after the first session additional sessions are needed the subsequent sessions are FREE.


Do you prescribe drugs?

I do not prescribe drugs, or recommend reducing them, that is the decision of your GP or medical practitioner who had prescribed you the medication in the first place.


But I have dozens of phobias and fears can I really get rid of them?

What you will find with multiple fears, they pretty much all stem down to one thing. Fear. A person is afraid of how their body will respond. For example a person who is afraid of flying doesn’t always fear crashing they are mainly afraid of panicking making a fool of themselves and being out of control.  A person afraid of driving, lifts, tubes etc is more likely to be afraid of panic attacks then the actual vehicle of transport. Multiple fears can sometimes even be easier to collapse then just one fear. Furthermore as a person overcomes their phobias they gain tremendous confidence and a real zest for life.


Do you offer any refunds, if the desired results are not achieved?

 No. There is no such thing as refunds in therapy, and while no one can gaurantee success for every case. I do however belive in going the extra mile for everyone I work with and if the desired result is not achived in our allocated time I will work with you for as many sessions as it takes for FREE for 12 months. I am the only therapist in the World that offers this level of service. 

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