One of the most common fears among people is getting up and speaking in public. Speaking in public and addressing the audience is among the greatest fears for few people. Even a normal person tries to evade this situation. But the case with a person dealing with Public Speaking Anxiety is worse. This fear varies in intensity among people who are experiencing this. It restricts the speaker in communicating properly. This fear abstain the students from attending classes and lectures. Interview sessions can cause a person to have extreme anxiety while speaking to the interviewer, causing him to lose the position. Public speaking anxiety is certainly a big disorder.

You can consider few tip if you are suffering from Public Speaking Anxiety. Try to breathe full and slowly. This will relax you. It will help releasing tension and stress out of you to some extent. Avoid locking your knees and clinching your fists. This will only add up to your fears and anxiety. Take your time in practising these techniques and try them out in a given situation. You will certainly be benefited.

Practise your speech. Once you have written on a paper what you have to speak, start practising it. This will ease out the pressure. Practise moving while speaking. This will help you in breathing and will provide you relaxation. Practising your speech beforehand can help reduce Public Speaking Anxiety by 75%. Get comfortable with the place where you have to deliver your speech. Try to stay focused on the information you have to deliver rather than your anxiety.

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