Fear of flying is a common phobia in fact statistically 1 in 20 people lose sleep over it. It is known as Aerophobia, Aviatophobia or Aviophobia. People suffering from this phobia are afraid of the very idea of being on an air plane. There are many reasons for this phobia.

Some Of The Reasons Are As Follows:-

  • Fear of Loss of Control
  • Fear of having a panic attack
  • Fear of being able to get off when you want to
  • Fear of turbulence
  • Fear of hijacking.
  • Fear of crashing.
  • Fear of heights

All the above mentioned reasons owe their genesis to either a lack of knowledge/awareness or due to a powerful negative experience which may sometime be unknown to the sufferer. Hypnotherapy and NLP can be combined to help you overcome your fear of flying (Aerophobia), education is a start. Education yourself may benefit and has helped many people in Overcoming their Fear Of Flying. What is the best therapy for a fear of flying (Aerophobics)? The answer is not always in the technique used, it’s in the experience of the therapist treating you, hence sourcing an expert in the fear of flying is a necessity.

Some Ways By Which Education Can Help In Overcoming Fear Of Flying:-

  • Knowing about the mechanism of air plane can help you understand that it’s still the safest form of transport in the World.
  • Familiarizing the affected person with the movement, sight and sounds of the air plane can be effective as the person gets a prior knowledge of what he/she is going to experience, then generating a new association of fun and excitement instead of fear.
  • There are many courses offered by therapists to eliminate this fear. One can overcome this fear by attending these courses. Many qualified Clinical Hypnotherapists recommend Hypnosis sessions coupled with NLP as a sure way to help people suffering from the fear of flying.
  • One technique which can help alleviate the fear of flying to some extent is by knowing the exact statistics. E.g. The National Geographic reported “You are more likely to be kicked to death by a donkey then die on an airplane.
  • Artificial stimulation is sometimes used to give virtual flying experiences with the help of a computer generated images as a first step to gaining confidence in this area.

The quickest way to overcome a phobia is really to find a professional who can help you overcome the Fear Of Flying. Dominic Knight is a well known Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Harley Street, London. And was featured in national press after helping 74 people overcome the fear within 45 minutes at London’s Heathrow. He uses a combination of powerful techniques to bring out results and is committed to helping people live a healthier life. To know more about Dominic Knight and his sessions, you can log on to (http://www.dominicknight.co.uk/).