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 How to develop a strong romantic relationship 

Become the very best you, if you are single work on yourself and look for a relationship that would truly fulfil you in every way, never settle for second best it's not fair on you or the person that you are with. Ask yourself the question, “Who do I need to become to attract the type of person I want in my life?” now resolve to become that person. You will see it brings out the best in you. Love can only happen naturally and cannot be forced it is the expression of an energy between two people, but when it does, you just know that feeling of incredible bonding, when all barriers melt and drop away, and two people come together it’s an expression of aliveness that words can initiate but never fully capture. To orchestrate this requires that you are open to love so you can attract it, into your life. Bring out your most attractive qualities and also learn them, there are certain things a woman does that can make her literally irresistible to any man and to make the man of her dreams fall in love with her. The more you love and appreciate yourself the more he will love you. Let friends know that you are ready to meet people, and go to places that interest you, this opens greater opportunities. 

If you are already in a relationship and want to strengthen the bond of that relationship, do not neglect to do the things that initially attracted your partner to you. Find out your partners predominant strategy for falling in love by asking them "What has to happen in order for them to feel loved?" and work on fullfiling that. Do things not because of a role or duty but out of love, they will experience that very differently. Keep the emotional and physical intensity of the relationship high, describe with each other the physical sensations you felt when you first fell in love this will amplify the experience. Assist in opening the doors for each other in your dreams and aspirations, having a shared vision for the future will align both of you together. I once read it's not about finding the perfect person it's about seeing an imperfect person perfectly! 

Edited by: Dominic Knight



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